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10 Commandments of Financial Hygiene

I'm 27, so this is a post aimed at those in my millennial generation who strive to take their money seriously.

It's built off of what I (so far) believe to be the most powerful, actionable and compounding habits to build a solid financial foundation, which in my opinion is undoubtedly a linchpin for true lifestyle design / freedom.

  1. Thou shalt first direct all available liquidity to clean out all debt if thou has any

  2. Thou shalt keep separate, but linked bank accounts for: Travel, Policies+Insurances, Investments, Discretionary Spending, and Emergency

  3. Thou shalt calculate one's cost of living (without reducing standard of living), and keep an emergency account with 6 months uninvested liquidity at any point of time

  4. Thou shalt open up and max out a Public Provident Fund (and Employee Provident Fund, if available) account, every single year

  5. Thou shalt get a longterm solid Life Insurance Term policy worth at least 25 times one's annual income, as well as a reliable private Medical Insurance policy asap

  6. Thou shalt reverse calculate one's 1st-2nd-3rd stage freedom amount money goals and write them down somewhere visible

  7. Thou shalt open up a demat account and build a regular plan to buy stocks or mutual funds

  8. Thou shalt automate one's budgeting process + allocations and never have to spend more than 15 minutes a month simply executing it

  9. Thou shalt get a credit card, link a few low monthly billables, set default 'full balance payment', and start building one's credit score (takes ~7-10 years to build a good score)

  10. Thou shalt save+invest 50% of whatever one makes, and hedge against lifestyle inflation.

To Freedom: Upward and onward!


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